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                                                      Seadrift Fishmarket

Terminal Park Mall

7 - 1533 Estevan Rd.
Nanaimo BC V9S 3Y3


Business Hours

Daily from

9.30 am to 6.00pm



9.00 to 7.00pm



11.00 to 6.00pm




Welcome to our

Seafood Market  and Eatery 









For over 20 years,




 has been

Nanaimo´s  only Specialty Fish

                             and Seafood Provider. 






-Think smart –

-Think healthy -

-Eat Fish-













Nanaimo's #1 Seafood store"












We offer the highest quality of sustainable seafood.

Come try out our new eatery at Terminal Park Mall. Look out for our menu boasting  items such as: soups, chowders, fish tacos, fish & chips, crepes, pastas and more......

Our  location, offer a variety of local and imported products, fresh made Deli items and weekly specials.

Our friendly, knowledgeable Clerks and Kitchen staff are eager to meet each individual Customer needs.

By working with other Local companies on Vancouver Island, we are able to provide the freshest sustainable products to the customer while we help support the economy and our environment.

Supporting the commercial economy is a big part of west coast living.

Some of our products are regulated and determined by local fisheries management guidelines.


Our Daily Offering    :                         

Deli made in house:

Seafood Chowder , Greek Seafood Chowder, Curry Shrimp Chowder , Garlic Lover, Clam Chowder

Salmon Wraps ,Tuna Wraps ,Thai Salad ,Cous Cous Salad  ,Sun Dried Tomato Salad ,Crab Cakes ,

Cod Cakes , Salmon Paté  Stuffed Potatoes (pre order ) Seafood Crepes Seafood Quiche


Albacore & Ahi  Tuna: Whole or Sashimi Grade Loins.

Canned Fish: Albacore Tuna Loin, Smoked Sockeye Salmon, Regular Canned Salmon,

Other Canned Products:  Whole Butter Clams, Clam Nectar, Clam Chowder,  Canned Scallops

Pacific Halibut: Fresh or  frozen all year round:  Filets, Steaks and Whole.

Sablefish: Smoked Sable Fish or  or fresh Filets

Salmon: Fresh or fresh frozen all year round: Sockeye, Spring, Pink, Coho: Filets, Steaks or whole and various smoked Salmon products

Shellfish: All year round: Clams, Mussels, Prawns, hand peeled Shrimp, Side Stripe Shrimp, Oysters in the Shell, or Shucked, Live Crab, Shucked Crab Meat or Canned Crab Meat.

Snapper: Fresh Filets

Sole: Fresh Filets ( Dover , Brill )


Ling Cod: Fresh Filets                                                                

Grey Cod: Fresh Filets                                 

Dungeness Inlet Crab : Live

Lobster: Live from Nova Scotia

BC. Spotted  Prawns: Fresh in May & June  or fresh frozen all year round: 


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